What is the Average Household Size of Members of the Muslim Community in St. Louis, Missouri?

Adil Imdad is a Muslim living in St. Louis, Missouri who recently moved to the city for his job and is currently awaiting his state exam for a license next month. To raise funds for what he says will be Missouri's first Muslim funeral home, he is organizing a fundraiser tonight at the Daar-ul-Islam mosque. The United States has many cities with large Muslim populations, and three of them are located in the New England region.

New Orleans is home to more than 25 halal establishments and a good number of mosques and Islamic schools. Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City have small funeral facilities inside mosques to wash the bodies of the deceased. Houston and Dallas are known for their large Muslim population, while San Antonio is another large city in Texas with a Muslim community. When Adil Imdad's cousin died two years ago, the family was unable to perform the necessary Muslim rituals due to the lack of a Muslim funeral home.

The South is known for its Baptist culture and large churches, but some cities in the region have large numbers of Muslims. Cincinnati is one such city with affordable housing, new housing, and a friendly Muslim population. Indiana has a modest Muslim population compared to its neighboring states, with most residing in and around Indianapolis. This city is one of the world's most recognizable cities after New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, so it has a large Muslim community.

Mohammed Hussein, a radiation oncologist in Washington, believes that practicing the correct religious rituals surrounding death should be a priority for American Muslim communities. At the end of his work assignment, Adil Imdad moved to big cities with diverse halal and Muslim community scenes: New York and San Francisco.

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