Discovering the Number of Islamic Charities in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you curious to find out how many Islamic charities are located in St. Louis, Missouri? The answer is 15! The Greater St. Louis Islamic Foundation (IFGSTL) is an Islamic organization that consists of two mosques. The first mosque, Masjid Bilal (West Pine Masjid), is situated in downtown St.

Louis, on W Pine Boulevard, close to the Saint Louis University campus. The second mosque, the largest one, Daar-Ul-Islam, is located in Ballwin, Missouri, at 517 Weidman Road. It includes an Islamic funeral home with 5 cemeteries and social services such as job training and English classes. The IFGSTL also runs a donation charity known as Baitulmal, which provides donated items and food to those in need.

In the Louis area, the nonprofit organization partnered with the Muslim Youth of St. Louis to pack 25,000 meals this weekend at the Daar-UI-Islam gym in Ballwin. According to Abdullah's estimates, approximately 1,000 Muslim women in St. Louis wear headscarves in public outside mosques.

Nowadays, it is only on rare occasions that unknown people look intently at their veil. Louisianans are more tolerant than they were in their teens. Louis is a youth group that strives to unite all young Muslims in the area and motivate them to practice their faith. Over the years, the group's leaders realized that, with the continuous growth of the Islamic community in St. Realizing a pressing need in the community and the city, two police chaplains and members of the Saint Louis Islamic Foundation joined forces and founded a non-profit organization called Baitulmal, which translates to House of Assets or Wealth.

Ghazala Hayat, neurologist, professor at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and former president of the Islamic Foundation of the Great St. Louis.

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